Wrinkle Relaxers

A non-invasive treatment that achieves and maintains a more youthful appearance by reducing fine wrinkles and preventing the formation of new lines, softening those lines that make you look angry or worried even when you are not.

Areas that can be treated are:
• Forehead lines
• Glabella line (between eyebrows)
• Crows feet-around eyes
• Eyebrow lift
• Bunny crunch
• Chin dimples
• Excessive armpit sweating
• Bruxism – teeth grinding


Dermal Fillers

A non-animal based injectable gel which adds volume to any part of your face including your cheeks and lips for a more youthful appearance. This is excellent for any superficial and deep facial lines. Fillers are perfect for rejuvenating the lines around the nose, mouth, jowls, cheeks, temples and even hands.

Skin Needling

Medical grade skin needling is a non-invasive procedure that incorporates equipment with microscopic needles between 0.15mm to 2.0mm long. Skin needling, unlike Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing may be performed on all skin colours with close to zero downtime.

Skin needling can be used for:

  • CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy), Pharmaceutical or Cosmetic
  • Product Infusion, anti-ageing, wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage
  • Pimples, blackheads, scarring, enlarged pores, Seborrhoea and stretch marks
  • Hair loss or thinning hair

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP treatment involves using a client’s own blood to stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture and reduce pigmentation and wrinkles. Peri-Orbital lines, crow’s feet, full face, neck, décolleté and hands can be treated. For best results, needling and PRP can be used together